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Windows web hosting from the developers of SharePoint and DotNetNuke modules

DotNetPark provides affordable Windows based Shared and Virtual Dedicated hosting solutions for both beginners and professionals. All of our plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support and a 30-day money back guarantee.
Our goal is to provide you the best hosting experience possible.


18 Years in Windows Windows Web Hosting Business

Our Major

DotNetPark is a Microsoft Windows-based web hosting provider. Our packages are balanced and tailored to meet your entire web hosting needs.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't try "to catch two rabbits at a time" by using every type of existing hosting platforms and operating systems. We concentrate all resources in providing the most reliable and affordable Windows (ASP.NET and MS SQL Server) web hosting.

Our Company

DotNetPark is a worldwide company with representatives in United Kingdom, United States, Cyprus, India and Brazil

We are always ready to reach new horizons, spreading our services to various countries, and not confining ourselves to geographical boundaries. That is the reason, we do not call any of our offices as 'Main Office', as we are selling e-services, not ordinary goods.

Our goal is to provide real 24/7 support for customers and you would agree that the goal can only be achieved, if we have support engineers distributed over various time zones. We provide web hosting service and our engineers must be always fresh, vigorous and ready to assist. Sleepy engineers are worse than a virus :) That is why we hire them from different countries and they work in their day-time.

Our servers are placed in three different datacenters in the USA: Seattle, Washington and Dallas. We manage our servers through a team of senior engineers located physically at the datacenters as well as remotely from our offices in each hemisphere.

11 Reasons Why DotNetPark Is Right For You
  1. DotNetPark has been providing award-winning Windows web hosting since 2003. For more than 10 years! And our customer base keeps growing.
  2. Our support team is friendly. We can assist you with deployment of your application, recommend appropriate software (forums, blog engines, CMS etc.) and even give you some programming advices.
  3. We offer our old customers upgrades at no additional costs regularly.
  4. We offer quality and full service at a low price.
  5. We are not resellers.
  6. We use our own state-of-the-art proprietary software. We also sell our software tools to other web hosting providers. We are programmers and know what other software developers need.
  7. Our team is continuously improving our software and hardware to make the service as reliable as possible.
  8. We don't try to offer you every type of existing hosting platforms and operating systems. We specialize only in Windows hosting.
  9. We really do daily backups of your files and databases (with 1 week history).
  10. We offer 30 days money back guarantee on all our hosting packages.
  11. Just take a look at the testimonials.
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